We serve a diverse group of clients representing all participants in the construction field including owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, construction managers and surety/fidelity companies.

Contract Negotiation and Preparation

We provide consultation and assistance in the negotiation, preparation and review of construction contracts, contracts for architectural or engineering services and contracts for material supplied on credit. Many common problems can be avoided at the contract negotiation stage with careful attention to the details of the agreement, clarification of the parties’ responsibilities and identification of potential or recurring trouble spots.

We also coordinate the legal aspects of commercial and industrial development projects throughout the Carolinas and internationally. Our services include preparing plant supply contracts and related documentation, such as project finance agreements, labor and supply contracts, construction and design contracts and finished product, barter and countertrade arrangements.

Counseling and Claim Avoidance

We place major emphasis on providing preventative counseling and advice, with the goal of avoiding counter-productive, costly disputes and litigation on issues such as:

  • Payment and contractor claims
  • Scheduling and delays
  • Defective construction and warranty obligations
  • Alleged design defects
  • Liens
  • Building codes and other regulations

Dispute Resolution

Our overriding goal is to resolve all construction disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible, with the best possible results for our clients. We fully explore the resolution of a dispute with the use of a neutral mediator, an expert panel of arbitrators or civil litigation.

We represent clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation in both federal and state courts. Our attorneys also appear before government regulatory bodies regarding licensing and building code issues. We have handled disputes on both private and public construction projects throughout the United States as well as other parts of the world. Some of the more frequent disputes involve defective work, defective design, delays, unanticipated conditions, lien rights, surety claims, change orders and payment.

General Business Representation

We are prepared to assist with every aspect of daily business including tax matters, corporate and partnership questions, employment issues, insurance and pension and profit sharing plans. We regularly represent clients in land acquisition for projects, zoning and land use matters, environmental compliance and conventional industrial revenue bond approaches to construction financing.

We are also experienced in corporate and partnership transactions involving the sale and purchase of design and construction-related enterprises, as well as the preparation of general and project-specific business plans for such entities.